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Saturday, 15 July 2017

Legendary Cartoons of 1990's | Golden Era

1990's kids have gone through the time when the best legendary cartoon did birth. Those were the time when cartoons had that spark which can still hit anybody;s soul .The generation was the luckiest as they have seen that flinstones car ,helped jerry running away from tom, spinned that beyblade, gotta catch'em all and so many others.I was also born in 1990's and have experienced i all, those cartoons made a great impact in life and are still trapped in my heart.They looked never boring , we could see them all day. They need an introduction to the new generation.

5 must watch cartoon of the 1990's -

1. Pokemon Cartoon - 

  • Ash, Brock and misty are a few friends who get along on a journey to become the best pokemon master's , They caught many pokemons and won many battles.
  • This show taught us that nothing is greater than friendship even you should love the animals ewually, there is no need to discriminate among the rich or poor, greater or lesser. Help everyone , make new friends and never do bad to any one unless and until the other is in the category of team rocket(criminals ) . 
  • This show was a hit and a must watch. 
This cartoon has been aired again on Disney XD these days ,so pokemon fans are again reliving the memory.

2. Beyblade Cartoon -

  • This show has been my personal favourite. Tyson, Ray , Max and Kai are a team who play competitions of spinning bay blade. Beyblade was an advance level of lattu (top) , its toys were the best part of the show children used to fight there beyblades in a dish (kadai) and believe me it was really a fun.This show also taught a lesson on the importance of friendship and togetherness, any power cant defeat you if you are bounded with people strongly. Make friends and work together, dont be greedy , 
  • Do good get good.

3. Flintstone Cartoon- 

  • Do you know any uncle who lives in the ancient age in a rock house , wearing a tiger's skin and driving his car with foot like a cycle. You dont know? is that? Okay let me introduce to Mr.Flintstone ,his wife and uncle Fred. He is the lively symbol of great cartoons, Uncle Flin taught us to love your family as much you can and be happy even if u dont have all the facilities.
  • To save fuel and ride a cycle instead.
  • Be simple, wear a tie of course .

4. Johnny Bravo cartoon -

The hunk of all time, he is a cool dude who is very much interested in girls and girls and only girls. His yellow spike hair are famous and he is known by them. His t shirts made a trend fashion style or we can say a fashion statement ,which are still very popular and most selling in the market of clothing and accessories. Maybe few of you got introduced to the gym because of bravo and the spikes trend was also followed by him. 

  • This cartoon was the reason for modernization in many countries,that t shirt , jeans style and the spikey hair is all we wanted. He loved girls.

5. Power puff girls cartoon -

  • The not so human girls made with an accident by the professor did miracles in there lifetime, having some super natural powers at the age of kindergarten and fighting mojojo was the best and encouraging par of my life ,it gives much of confidence how small girls believe in them and know their duty to save the world. 
  • They taught us not to get afraid from any one and raise the voice.
  • The rainbow at that age was of different colors, loved watching them for hours.
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