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Friday, 7 July 2017

Relieve Stress At Work

relieve stress
relieve stress

Working under a roof , while sitting on a bench, watching the desktop screen continuously  can harm your eyes and body ,make you feel stressful . Well , work never leaves you nor you can leave it, what you can do is minimize the level of stress by doing activities at the work place.

Here are few tips for the office people :

1. GET SOCIALIZE :  Make friends , talk to your colleagues. this will enhance your social life , you can share things with them and even personal life problems . sharing all the tension will release relax hormone and reduce stress because sharing is everything.
Imagine just going to office 8-10 every morning and doing stressful work all day without talking to anyone and not getting appreciation from other staff members, your life will become boring and more stress giving. Socializing is one of the best and easiest way to kick stress out of your life.

2. NAP BREAK: You can take 10-15 mins short naps while doing work in the office .

Pros of nap breaks at work:
  • refreshes the mood .
  • charges the body.
  • energize for better work.
  • better concentration on work.
  • fulfills the body needs.

3. A  RECLINER : What if you have a recliner to sit and relax ? sounds good  yeah. Advice your boss to get you one because with a hectic schedule you need to relax better , recliner can relieve the stress instantly because of the A grade comforter and muscle relaxer it contains.

4. MEDITATE: Releases stress relieving hormones in side the body, meditating is beneficial to everyone and for every cause . you can meditate for few minutes for internal silence and providing relaxing time to the body it self. meditation can be done sitting on the chair with eyes closed and thinking about nothing .

Pros of meditation:

  • relaxes the body organs.
  • lets you rest fastly.
  • recovers the body from stress instantly.
  • helps concentrating.
  • improves immunity.
  • and other health benefits.


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