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Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Must Have Accessories For A Photographer

A DSLR camera is just more than a need to most photography lovers, it provides a crisp and more detailed image which may look like a reality to few. Owning a dslr is as common as owning a smartphone, but there's more to it . Devoting time for taking its care , by not only servicing would be enough . You gotta get those few beneficial accessories to keep your camera healthy and last long. Here we share few must have accessories for the photo geeks out there.
Every photographer should have these top 5 accessories which are necessary. If you are new to this DSLR game then this article is a must read for you -

1. A Camera Bag And Strap

A Camera Bag

  • This is the most important accessory a photographer must have , a bag helps you to take care of your camera completely . It prevents dust to enter the complex parts. 
  • A bag can hold few camera lenses which is necessary for a photographer as they have to carry all this to long distances. 
  • In this bag, we can hold some important things like a gray card, battery, charger and other needful tools. 
  • A bag choice totally depends upon the dynamic needs of different people.
  • The strap is really the time-saving accessory for a camera as you can concentrate on shots while hanging the camera over the body easily.
  • The strap lessens the chance of the camera of being fallen down.

    Tip: Don't buy a cheap bag. Buy a good quality bag which is durable.

2. A Tripod Stand

A Tripod Stand

  • Tripod is an essential element for the camera is it gives stability for clicking a picture or making videos. 
  • Tripod is like a helping hand as it gives perfect photos and videos irrespective of a bad weather.
  • While using tripod we can lock the scene temporarily for the shoot. 
  • Under low lighting conditions it is very difficult to get a perfect picture but , having a tripod can change the scenario .
  • Holding a camera is a very hard job hence tripod  takes the load of your arm. It reduces the chance of getting shaky and blurred images as a human hand can vibrate by some conditions but tripod provides stability to the camera.
  • While clicking in HDR the camera needs to be stable so by using a tripod the pictures come really good.

    Tip: Flip Locks and Twist Locks Tripods can be a good choice.

3. A Cleaning Kit

A Cleaning Kit

  • A cleaning kit is much-needed accessories for a camera person because after use of a full week what sometimes less it needs to be cleaned. 
  • By cleaning the camera regularly keeps dust away and reduce the chances of blurred or dust pictures.
  • Sometimes people wipe camera lens with their shirt or any other cloth which is not at all specific for cleaning the lens. A cleaning kit is an appropriate tool for the purpose. 
  • Using cleaning kit regularly helps to reduce the frequency of getting cameras serviced by the company so it reduces the cost of servicing off camera. 
  • It comes with lens cleaning wipe to clean the lens, optical lens spray to remove the dust, sensor swaps to clean the sensor, air blower to blow little particles from the lens and keep it clear.

    Tip: It can save your servicing cost of the camera.

4. Additional Lenses

Additional Lenses

  • Normally camera comes with 18-55mm lens which is a very basic lens. So you need to buy additional lenses according to your needs. 
  • Like Wide Angle lens which is used for interiors, architectures, and landscape shots. 
  • The standard type of lens can be used for general purposes and is way too mainstream.
  • The short telephoto lens is used for portraits and Candid photography. 
  • The medium telephoto lens is used for Sports and action photography.
  • Super telephoto lens is used for far sports, wildlife, nature, and astronomy photography. 
  • Lens are different in sizes and weights so one must choose lens according to their use. 
  • There is specific type of lens for the specific type of photography so lens play an important role along with the camera.

    Tip: Choose according to your type of photography.

5. Additional Battery
Additional Battery

  • Running out of battery while working on a shoot is really frustrating for a photographer.
  • Batteries of DSLR cameras are expensive but buying an extra battery is recommended for everyone. 
  • when you are working on a shoot and and battery backup isn't enough.
  • It is very convenient when you have an extra battery and you become worry less about running out of battery while shooting. 
  • It saves time as you don't need to recharge the battery again for continuing the work. 
  • It also saves money as these rechargeable batteries come with 500 times more usability than normal batteries.

    Tip: It saves time and money in a long run.
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