Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Most Polluted Cities In The World 2017

As we know that air pollution is a very major problem in this world. In the growing and developing the world, we are making so many progress in major areas of our economy but in this progress, we all are forgetting that all the activities which are going on are contributing to Air pollution in some way as the major causes of air pollution are Industries, Growing Vehicles, and Deforestation.So, here is the list of most polluted cities in the world are:
Most Polluted Cities In The World

1. Zabol, Iran

Zabol, Iran

Zabol is the capital of Zabol County, Sistan and Baluchestan Province.This is a very highly polluted city in Iran.This city has a high record of 51-degree temperature which is due to pollution. This city has highest PM 2.5 which is recorded 217 in the year 2012 and PM 10 which is 527 also in the year 2012.This city comes first in most polluted cities in the world.

S.No. Country City PM 2.5 PM10
1. Iran Zabol 217 527

2. Gwalior, India

Gwalior, India

Gwalior is a major city of India in Madhya Pradesh. The highest temperature of this city is 41 degree. This city also has high pollution levels and high co2 emissions. This city has PM 2.5 at a high of 176 in the year 2012 and has PM 10 at a high of 329. This is the highest polluted city in India but according to recent scenario Delhi in India is highly polluted and is called Gas Chamber in December 2016 at the time of winters and recorded high smog.

S.No. Country City PM 2.5 PM10
2. India Gwalior 176 329

3. Allahabad, India

co2 emissions
Allahabad, India

This is another city from India which is one of the most polluted cities in the world and second most polluted in India. This city is located in Uttar Pradesh of India. This city has recorded high of the 48.8-degree temperature. This city has a PM 2.5 of 170 in the year 2012 and PM 10 of 317 in the year 2012. This is also densely populated with the population of 2 million in the year 2016.

S.No. Country City PM 2.5 PM10
3. India Allahabad 170 317

4. Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Riyadh is the capital of Saudi Arabia and is most populated city in Saudi Arabia.This is located in Arabian Peninsula and is the home to more than six million people there. The highest temperature recorded in the city is 48-degree Celsius which is high. The PM 2.5 in the city is 156 in the year 2014 and PM 10 is 368 in the year 2014.This is also among most polluted cities in the world.

S.No. Country City PM 2.5 PM10
4. Riyadh Saudi Arabia 156 368

5. Al Jubail, Saudi Arabia

Al Jubail, Saudi Arabia

Jubail is the city in Persian Gulf of Saudi Arabia. The highest temperature recorded at a high of 49 degree Celsius which really high so these all countries need to control the pollution. This city has lowest particulate matter among these 5 cities but is highest among all other cities. The PM 2.5 is 152 and PM 10 is 359 in the year of 2014.

S.No. Country City PM 2.5 PM10
5. Al Jubail Saudi Arabia 152 359
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Saturday, 15 July 2017

Legendary Cartoons of 1990's | Golden Era

1990's kids have gone through the time when the best legendary cartoon did birth. Those were the time when cartoons had that spark which can still hit anybody;s soul .The generation was the luckiest as they have seen that flinstones car ,helped jerry running away from tom, spinned that beyblade, gotta catch'em all and so many others.I was also born in 1990's and have experienced i all, those cartoons made a great impact in life and are still trapped in my heart.They looked never boring , we could see them all day. They need an introduction to the new generation.

5 must watch cartoon of the 1990's -

1. Pokemon Cartoon - 

  • Ash, Brock and misty are a few friends who get along on a journey to become the best pokemon master's , They caught many pokemons and won many battles.
  • This show taught us that nothing is greater than friendship even you should love the animals ewually, there is no need to discriminate among the rich or poor, greater or lesser. Help everyone , make new friends and never do bad to any one unless and until the other is in the category of team rocket(criminals ) . 
  • This show was a hit and a must watch. 
This cartoon has been aired again on Disney XD these days ,so pokemon fans are again reliving the memory.

2. Beyblade Cartoon -

  • This show has been my personal favourite. Tyson, Ray , Max and Kai are a team who play competitions of spinning bay blade. Beyblade was an advance level of lattu (top) , its toys were the best part of the show children used to fight there beyblades in a dish (kadai) and believe me it was really a fun.This show also taught a lesson on the importance of friendship and togetherness, any power cant defeat you if you are bounded with people strongly. Make friends and work together, dont be greedy , 
  • Do good get good.

3. Flintstone Cartoon- 

  • Do you know any uncle who lives in the ancient age in a rock house , wearing a tiger's skin and driving his car with foot like a cycle. You dont know? is that? Okay let me introduce to Mr.Flintstone ,his wife and uncle Fred. He is the lively symbol of great cartoons, Uncle Flin taught us to love your family as much you can and be happy even if u dont have all the facilities.
  • To save fuel and ride a cycle instead.
  • Be simple, wear a tie of course .

4. Johnny Bravo cartoon -

The hunk of all time, he is a cool dude who is very much interested in girls and girls and only girls. His yellow spike hair are famous and he is known by them. His t shirts made a trend fashion style or we can say a fashion statement ,which are still very popular and most selling in the market of clothing and accessories. Maybe few of you got introduced to the gym because of bravo and the spikes trend was also followed by him. 

  • This cartoon was the reason for modernization in many countries,that t shirt , jeans style and the spikey hair is all we wanted. He loved girls.

5. Power puff girls cartoon -

  • The not so human girls made with an accident by the professor did miracles in there lifetime, having some super natural powers at the age of kindergarten and fighting mojojo was the best and encouraging par of my life ,it gives much of confidence how small girls believe in them and know their duty to save the world. 
  • They taught us not to get afraid from any one and raise the voice.
  • The rainbow at that age was of different colors, loved watching them for hours.
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Thursday, 13 July 2017

Upcoming New Movies July 2017

Bollywood is a huge industry and everybody wants to know about new upcoming movies.India is the film loving country most of the people plans for weekend movies. As some of the people will be planning for movies with their friends and family so here is the list of upcoming and trending Bollywood movies which most talked about in these days.

So Upcoming Movies Are :

1. Jab Hary Met Sejal

Jab Harry Met Sejal

A hunt for Sejal's engagement ring makes Harry know affection and relations improved, though Sejal experiences fresh found liberty, security, and relief in Harry's company. This story line looks exciting as the main lead SRK and Anushka Sharma's company is always enjoyed by audience and this time concept is different from lovers to friends so we all are waiting for upcoming movies to come. This Drama and romance movie will be releasing on 4th of August 2017.

2. Toilet: Ek Prem Katha

Toilet: Ek Prem Katha

This movie by Akshay Kumar is based on Swatch Bharat Abhiyan by our prime minister: Narendra Modi.The story of this upcoming film is as a woman leaves her husband on the earliest day of their wedding after noticing that he doesn't have a toilet at home. He to a great extent sets out on an operation to win back his dear by standing up to the age-old customs and standards of India. This is a very unique concept so let's see what it will do.

3. Raag Desh

Raag Desh

This film is based on Indian independence and various trials made to make India free from the rule of Britishers. The movie is a drama based on the Indian army situation by Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose and the combat to release India that was battled on the shorelines of the Irrawaddy in Burma. The British called the soldiers of the INA traitors and Japanese feeds that were called the Red Fort trials of 1945. Raag Desh brings to life that epic pilot that flagged the way for India's Independence and those meteoric times.

4. Secret Superstar

Secret Superstar

Secret Superstar is an upcoming Indian musical drama movie, written and directed by Advait Chandan and produced by Aamir Khan and Kiran Rao. In this movie, the story is like a girl is trying to make her hobby singing to make work and enhance her skills and tell the world that what she can do but her father does not allow her to do such things so she make a youtube channel and sing songs by hiding her in clothes called "Burka". So this is among new movies coming out and is waited movie by Amir Khan.

5. Jagga Jasoos

Jagga Jasoos

Jagga Jasoos is an upcoming 2017 Indian musical adventure romantic comedy movie written and directed by Anurag Basu, and produced by Basu and Ranbir Kapoor. In this movie, Ranbir Kapoor will be seen as Jagga the Detective and Katrina Kapoor will be seen as Shruti. This mov will be releasing on 14th of July 2017.
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Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Upcoming Bikes In India 2017

2017 so far has been a cracker of a year ,for the motorcycling enthusiasts from the new FZ  to the Duke it just kept getting better. And this is not yet going to stop, we are getting you the new upcoming motorcycles of the year 2017.

Here are the,  upcoming bikes in India 2017 -

1. Akula 310-

The new tvs is ready to shine, it is the bigger sibling of the apache series and tvs's first step towards 300cc motorcycles, in reasonable rates. It is built to exaggerate 33 years of tvs racing,this all out rack tool has been developed to be a winner on the track. Wrapped with carbon type body and fiber graphics ready to be loved by the indians with a roaring sound and sporty looks.

  • A Tvs production motorcycle unveiled at the auto expo, announces its launching in august 2017.
  • This 313 cc motorcycle is a new concept to the sports bikes.
  • single cylinder , liquid cooled engine .
  • comes with a 6-speed gearbox.
  • It uses the G 310 R's frame and cycle parts but will be tuned for a sporty handling.
  • Covered with tvs Fulfairing.
  • Price to be around 2 Lakh.

2. Benneli Tornado 302 R-

It is the first and only full faired motorcycle by the benneli itself .It is depicted on the elder sibling TNT300 which produces the same power of 35.5 bhp and 27.4 nm of torque.Its strong rivals could be Kawasaki ninja 300 and Yamaha R3. The bike will be launched in 2 models which is with abs and without abs.
  • A 300 cc racing motorcycle by the Benneli.
  • Maximum power of 35.5 bhp @ 10,000 rpm.
  • Max torque- 27.4 nm @ 9,000 rpm.
  • 2 cylinder and 6 speed gear.
  • Liquid cool , fuel injected engine.
  • fuel capacity of 14 ltr.
  • Top speed of 170 km/hr.
  • Launching in august 2017.
  • Price to be 3.5-3.7 lakh.

3. BMW G310 R-

Its the first budget motorcycle by the bmw which targets the budget economy well, this shows the bmw is trying hard to be the first choice to everyone in the country. Tvs is aligned with the bmw showering a whole new racing generation. The design has been thrived from the big beasts S100RR and R1200 R.

  • First motorcycle under tvs-bmw alliance.
  • Designed on the elements of  S1000RR.
  • It is a 313 cc motorcycle, single cylinder and liquid cooled ingine.
  • 34 bhp @9500 rpm.
  • Torque of 28nm @ 7500rpm.
  • 6 speed gearbox.
  • top speed of 150 km/h.
  • Fuel tank of 11 ltrs.
  • Launching at the end of 2017.
  • Pricing around 2.5 lakh.

4. Hero HX 250 R-

After getting separated from the honda ,this is the only hope for hero to get back in to sports bike generation and grow the business in bigger aspect. The chance is big , so the bike is being under many tests and changes which cant get easily beaten. Hoping for the best for hero.

  • Hero needs a sure sure comback after the Karisma.
  • This new HX 250 R is a 249 cc motorcycle.
  • Max power - 31 bhp @ 9000 rpm.
  • Max torque - 23 nm @7000 rpm.
  • single cylinder, liquid cooled engine.
  • 6 speed gearbox.
  • Fuel tank of 13 ltrs.
  • Weighs 140 kg.
  • Top speed - 165 km/h.
  • Launching at the end of 2017.
  • Pricing around 1.5-2 lakh.

5. Kawasaki X-300 -

The X-300 is the new low cost entry motorcycle which was unveiled at the auto expo 2016,this motorcycle is an off road bike giving competition to the himalyan by royal enfield.
Being a touring bike kawasaki has equipped with a reliable and long 41mm telescopic suspensions in the front and a monoshock suspension in the back. And as assumed the wheels are supported by spokes to maintain the light weight of the vehicle .Kawasaki will be launching 2 models for this Bike - Urban model and the adventure model.

A few focus on the specs-

  • Many optional storage containers will be offered with it.
  • New LCD tachometer to know the fuel efficiency.
  • Offers 17 ltrs of fuel tank.
  • 296 cc parallel twin engine.
  • Long travel adjustable suspensions.
  • launching in august 2017.
  • pricing around 3.5 lakh.

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Sunday, 9 July 2017

Best Budget Cars june 2017

When it comes to buying a car it is very difficult to choose perfect car for you under budget which provides best features. Middle-class families Look for budget cars having great features which provide best of mileage and is spacious. Low maintenance cars are always the first choice for middle-class people market is flooded with a lot of options of cars. People always want to buy a car without digging deep in the pocket so budget cars are the best choice for them. Here is the list of 5 best budget cars according to us with best of features and specifications.

1. Maruti Suzuki Celerio

Maruti Suzuki Celerio

Maruti Suzuki Celerio car the first affordable car which came with the automatic gear shift and is low maintenance car. This car is quite good looking and is value for money. This car is very comfortable for the family of 4. Engine performance is really smooth. this is the best car with AGS in the budget.
Mileage 23.1
Central Locking Yes
Anti Lock Braking System Yes
AirBags 2(Driver and Co-Driver)
Power Windows Front and Rear
Max Power (bhp @ rpm) 67 @ 6000

Maruti Celerio VXI AGS Ex-Showroom Price: 4,81,000(Approx.)

2. Renault Kwid

Renault Kwid

Renault is well known for its SUV cars and after the launch of Renault kwid in the market, it is the best budget SUV cars. Only An average it is very nice car compare to other hatchbacks around. Suspension and steering of this car are quite good. This car's mileage about 18 kilometers per liter in city traffic and about 24 km per liter on a highway.
Mileage 24.04
Central Locking No
Anti Lock Braking System No
AirBags No
Power Windows No
Max Power (bhp @ rpm) 67 @ 5500

Renault Kwid RXT 1.0 AMT Driver Airbag Option Price: 4,25,000(Approx.)

3. Nissan Datsun Go

Datsun Go

Nissan brand is known for it's cheap and small cars and it has a market for small cars in developing countries. Datsun Go has very attractive exteriors under budget segment and it also has a good space and driving comfort. Interiors of this cars are of a good quality material which gives a premium looking car from small budget segments. Pick up of this car is very good and this car is very efficient in mileage.
Mileage 20.1
Central Locking With Key
Anti Lock Braking System No
AirBags 1(Driver Only)
Power Windows Front Only
Max Power (bhp @ rpm) 67 @ 5000

Nissan Datsun Go T (O): Price:4,22,000(Approx.)

4. TATA Tiago


Tata Motors tiago car proven to be most popular among youngsters as it is focused on young group according to its features and it is in competition Maruti Suzuki Alto, Celerio and Renault kwid. This car by Tata gives a mileage of 19 to 20 km per liter and on the highway, it gives around 24 km per liter. This car comes with Harman music system which is really awesome along with navigation and other safety features. The performance of the car is totally satisfied among its users.
Mileage 23.84
Central Locking With Remote
Anti Lock Braking System No
AirBags No
Power Windows No
Max Power (bhp @ rpm) 84 @ 6000

Tiago XT (O) Revotron Petrol Price: 4,55,000(Approx.)

5. Hyundai Grand i10


Grand i10 hatchback Mai Hyundai comes with cosmetic changes with the sporty design which is the best option for a budget. This car comes with 5-speed manual transmission. This car is best because of the facility in comparison with other vehicles available in this range. This is value for money according to the features given like safety comfort Suspension and exteriors.
Mileage 19.77
Central Locking Keyless
Anti Lock Braking System Yes
AirBags No
Power Windows No
Max Power (bhp @ rpm) 81 @ 6000

Grand i10 1.2 Kappa Dual VTVT 5-Speed Manual ERA Price: 4,59,500
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Friday, 7 July 2017

Relieve Stress At Work

relieve stress
relieve stress

Working under a roof , while sitting on a bench, watching the desktop screen continuously  can harm your eyes and body ,make you feel stressful . Well , work never leaves you nor you can leave it, what you can do is minimize the level of stress by doing activities at the work place.

Here are few tips for the office people :

1. GET SOCIALIZE :  Make friends , talk to your colleagues. this will enhance your social life , you can share things with them and even personal life problems . sharing all the tension will release relax hormone and reduce stress because sharing is everything.
Imagine just going to office 8-10 every morning and doing stressful work all day without talking to anyone and not getting appreciation from other staff members, your life will become boring and more stress giving. Socializing is one of the best and easiest way to kick stress out of your life.

2. NAP BREAK: You can take 10-15 mins short naps while doing work in the office .

Pros of nap breaks at work:
  • refreshes the mood .
  • charges the body.
  • energize for better work.
  • better concentration on work.
  • fulfills the body needs.

3. A  RECLINER : What if you have a recliner to sit and relax ? sounds good  yeah. Advice your boss to get you one because with a hectic schedule you need to relax better , recliner can relieve the stress instantly because of the A grade comforter and muscle relaxer it contains.

4. MEDITATE: Releases stress relieving hormones in side the body, meditating is beneficial to everyone and for every cause . you can meditate for few minutes for internal silence and providing relaxing time to the body it self. meditation can be done sitting on the chair with eyes closed and thinking about nothing .

Pros of meditation:

  • relaxes the body organs.
  • lets you rest fastly.
  • recovers the body from stress instantly.
  • helps concentrating.
  • improves immunity.
  • and other health benefits.


 How about indulging in an activity which may relieve your stress? Yes its true this hand spinner is satisfying to watch again and again . having this can entertain your mind and refresh the mood . This spinner is the latest gadget in market which is very cheap and easily accessable .
even if u have a hectic day this spinner own the quality to make your day happy and better.

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Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Must Have Accessories For A Photographer

A DSLR camera is just more than a need to most photography lovers, it provides a crisp and more detailed image which may look like a reality to few. Owning a dslr is as common as owning a smartphone, but there's more to it . Devoting time for taking its care , by not only servicing would be enough . You gotta get those few beneficial accessories to keep your camera healthy and last long. Here we share few must have accessories for the photo geeks out there.
Every photographer should have these top 5 accessories which are necessary. If you are new to this DSLR game then this article is a must read for you -

1. A Camera Bag And Strap

A Camera Bag

  • This is the most important accessory a photographer must have , a bag helps you to take care of your camera completely . It prevents dust to enter the complex parts. 
  • A bag can hold few camera lenses which is necessary for a photographer as they have to carry all this to long distances. 
  • In this bag, we can hold some important things like a gray card, battery, charger and other needful tools. 
  • A bag choice totally depends upon the dynamic needs of different people.
  • The strap is really the time-saving accessory for a camera as you can concentrate on shots while hanging the camera over the body easily.
  • The strap lessens the chance of the camera of being fallen down.

    Tip: Don't buy a cheap bag. Buy a good quality bag which is durable.

2. A Tripod Stand

A Tripod Stand

  • Tripod is an essential element for the camera is it gives stability for clicking a picture or making videos. 
  • Tripod is like a helping hand as it gives perfect photos and videos irrespective of a bad weather.
  • While using tripod we can lock the scene temporarily for the shoot. 
  • Under low lighting conditions it is very difficult to get a perfect picture but , having a tripod can change the scenario .
  • Holding a camera is a very hard job hence tripod  takes the load of your arm. It reduces the chance of getting shaky and blurred images as a human hand can vibrate by some conditions but tripod provides stability to the camera.
  • While clicking in HDR the camera needs to be stable so by using a tripod the pictures come really good.

    Tip: Flip Locks and Twist Locks Tripods can be a good choice.

3. A Cleaning Kit

A Cleaning Kit

  • A cleaning kit is much-needed accessories for a camera person because after use of a full week what sometimes less it needs to be cleaned. 
  • By cleaning the camera regularly keeps dust away and reduce the chances of blurred or dust pictures.
  • Sometimes people wipe camera lens with their shirt or any other cloth which is not at all specific for cleaning the lens. A cleaning kit is an appropriate tool for the purpose. 
  • Using cleaning kit regularly helps to reduce the frequency of getting cameras serviced by the company so it reduces the cost of servicing off camera. 
  • It comes with lens cleaning wipe to clean the lens, optical lens spray to remove the dust, sensor swaps to clean the sensor, air blower to blow little particles from the lens and keep it clear.

    Tip: It can save your servicing cost of the camera.

4. Additional Lenses

Additional Lenses

  • Normally camera comes with 18-55mm lens which is a very basic lens. So you need to buy additional lenses according to your needs. 
  • Like Wide Angle lens which is used for interiors, architectures, and landscape shots. 
  • The standard type of lens can be used for general purposes and is way too mainstream.
  • The short telephoto lens is used for portraits and Candid photography. 
  • The medium telephoto lens is used for Sports and action photography.
  • Super telephoto lens is used for far sports, wildlife, nature, and astronomy photography. 
  • Lens are different in sizes and weights so one must choose lens according to their use. 
  • There is specific type of lens for the specific type of photography so lens play an important role along with the camera.

    Tip: Choose according to your type of photography.

5. Additional Battery
Additional Battery

  • Running out of battery while working on a shoot is really frustrating for a photographer.
  • Batteries of DSLR cameras are expensive but buying an extra battery is recommended for everyone. 
  • when you are working on a shoot and and battery backup isn't enough.
  • It is very convenient when you have an extra battery and you become worry less about running out of battery while shooting. 
  • It saves time as you don't need to recharge the battery again for continuing the work. 
  • It also saves money as these rechargeable batteries come with 500 times more usability than normal batteries.

    Tip: It saves time and money in a long run.
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